Perma Pure MH Series Humidifiers


Humidifier for Flow Rates up to 40 lpm, Using Liquid Water in Water to Gas Operation


Perma Pure MH™-Series humidifiers use exclusive Nafion™ tubing selectively permeable membrane tubing and liquid water to continuously humidify gas streams. 

These humidifiers operate over a wide range of flow rates, and humidify up to 98% RH using de-ionized water as the humidification source.


  • Humidify gas streams in the water to gas mode
  • Humidity can be adjusted by varying the water temperature or the gas flow rate
  • Humidity up to 98% RH
  • Flow Rates up to 20 l/min.
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 80 C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 80 psi
  • Maximum differential pressure: 10 psi
  • Corrosion Resistant – Available in Polypropylene, Fluorocarbon and Stainless Steel
  • Sterile

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