Thermo Fisher 15i Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer




The Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Analyzer utilizes gas filter correlation technology to continuously measure the amount of Hydrogen Chloride in the sample without the use of reagents or consumables. It is based on the principle that HCl absorbs infrared radiation at a wavelength of 3.4 microns. Because infrared absorption is a nonlinear measurement technique, it is necessary for the instrument electronics to transform the basic analyser signal into a linear output.


  • Gas Filter Correlation technology
  • Self-aligning optics
  • Standard dual range and auto ranges
  • Temperature and pressure correction
  • User selectable alarm levels for concentration
  • Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access
  • Enhanced user interface with one button programming and large display screen
  • Flash memory for increased data storage and user downloadable software
  • Enhanced electronics design optimizes product commonality
  • Improved layout for easier accessibility to components

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