Readi-GASS Sample Gas Conditioning System


A Nafion based solution optimised for conditioning challenging CEMS samples. 


The Readi-GASS™ system is designed to remove moisture, particulate, and coalescing liquid from the sample gas while retaining the water soluble acid gases such as SO2 and NOx. By utilizing the Nafion™ dryer, Readi-GASS™ can provide low level measurement of SO2, such as after the FGD at coal-based thermal power plants. 

The extremely robust design of Readi-GASS™ helps it deliver exceptionally accurate results, even with dirty and moist compressed air. Plus, it even compensates for temporary failure of the heated probe and sample line.


  • Nafion™ drying technology
  • Preserves water-soluble acid analytes
  • Can handle 20% of moisture v/v  at 5 lpm of sample gas flow
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 50°C
  • Eliminates the need for a high-temperature heated sample line and condensing cooler
  • Alarm for low temp, pressure, power failure
  • Suited for both high and low levels of SO2 and NOx
  • Achieves low sample dew points < 4°C
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

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