RA-5A Reducing-Vaporization Mercury Analyser


Simple, powerful and multi-configurable  mercury analyser. 


The RA-5 is a reducing-vaporization mercury analyser that is equipped with the world’s highest level of performance in the body that is the smallest in its class. Compared to our previous model RA-3A, the installation space is reduced to half  (about A4 size).We are sure you will be satisfied with its excellent operability and ease of maintenance since intuitive operation is realized by using a full-colour LCD touch panel. The high sensitivity and high accuracy are only available by the equipment dedicated to mercury measurement and further enhanced by the newly designed detector. The sensitivity of the equipment is sufficient to determine even a small amount of mercury below the lower limit specified in the Waterworks Act.


  • Due to an installed touch panel type PC, there is no need to connect the equipment to other PC. (Retrieval of measurement data and connection to a printer or mouse can be more simplified with a USB interface.)
  • Daily inspection to check the equipment stability is automated.
  • The minimum amount of samples required for measurement is 5mL. The conventional reducing-vaporization unit (20mL) can be used.
  • A wide measurement range up to 400ppb is realized.
  • A100-sample automatic sample changer is equipped as standard
  • This equipment has a countermeasure function against high-concentration contamination to keep the measurement accuracy.

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