Perma Pure PD-Series Gas Dryers


Multitube dryer for high flow and high capacity drying applications. 


Perma Pure PD-Series™ gas dryers are multi-tube Nafion™ tubing gas sample dryers designed for high flow, high performance gas drying applications where having a larger amount of of membrane surface area could improve your drying performance. Multiple tubes are bundled together in parallel to form a high capacity dryer. 

These dryers can be used to dry to -45°C without removing other compounds. 

Applications for PD-Series gas dryers include gas sample conditioning for continuous emissions and process monitoring. In these applications, sample gases flowing through the Nafion™ tubing are dried without removing any of the sample analytes. PD-Series gas driers can also be used in small scale process applications. 

Process applications take advantage of one or more of the unique properties of Nafion™ polymer: highly efficient and selective moisture exchange, ion exchange capabilities, and extreme corrosion resistance.


  • Flow rates up to 40 l/m
  • Lower pressure drop for comparable flow rates
  • Faster response time due to shorter flow path
  • Operating temperatures to max. 120° C
  • Operating pressures to 45 psi (absolute)
  • Straight or flexible configuration
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Standard dew points to – 25° C, with lower values possible (contact factory)
  • No loss of analytes
  • No moving part

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