Perma Pure FC Series Fuel Cell Humidifiers


High Capacity Humidifier for Fuel Cell, Scientific and Industrial Applications, for Water to Gas or Gas to Gas Operation


Perma Pure’s FC Series™ Humidifiers are the industry standard for Fuel Cell applications and offer unparalleled performance, reliability and lifetime up to 20,000 hours.  

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of the fuel cell user, these Nafion™ tubing -based products provide consistent, repeatable humidification of air and hydrogen across the specified flow range, for portable, stationary, automotive and aerospace applications. 

Perma Pure Fuel Cell Humidifiers feature a low pressure drop and do not require power to operate, greatly reducing the parasitic load on your system. They are also used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. 


  • Very high efficiency
  • No power consumption
  • No freeze/thaw issues
  • Self-limiting humidification
  • Compact and robust
  • Gas to Gas or Water to Gas humidification
  • Suitable for use with H2

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