Partisol™ 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler


Two particulate matter parameters simultaneously: PM fine (PM2.5 equivalent) and PM coarse 


Simultaneously collect high-quality samples of fine and coarse ambient particulate matter (PM) with the thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2025i-D Dichotomous Air Sampler. Developed on the renowned iSeries software platform design, this sampler features USB ports for improved data downloads, and exchanged 47mm diameter sample filters automatically, which can be preset to a user-defined time interval. This is a federal-equivalent method, ambient sampler that simultaneously collects high quality samples of fine and coarse ambient particulate matter (PM).


  • U.S. EPA PM-Coarse and PM-2.5 Equivalent Sampler
  • Enhanced user interface and iSeries communication capabilities
  • Improved data downloads
  • Collection of fine and coarse fractions of PM-10 on two separate 47mm filters
  • Sequential sampling system with 16 filter capacity
  • Combines sequential filter exchange capabilities with dichotomous splitting technology to provide an automated split sample stream

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