Nippon PE-1000 Fully Automated Petro-Pyrolysis Mercury Analyser


The PE series specializes in mercury analysis of petroleum samples by adopting the thermal decomposition method.


The PE-1000 is a global standard model of the oil industry that is registered in ASTM Standard: UOP938-10 (Total Mercury and Mercury Species in Liquid Hydrocarbons). It is the world’s highest level fully-automated measurement equipment for mercury in petroleum. Samples such as naphtha, condensate, and heavy oil are fully automatically measured with ultra-high sensitivity, accuracy and speed. The sample is processed in a closed system from sampling through to measurement and mercury in it is detected by atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS) which is less affected by interferences. Also, the PE-1000 is equipped with a 15-positions automatic sample changer with vortex function, which saves labour and improves economic efficiency. By collecting mercury and mercury compounds into the column in the sample heating section, hydrocarbons are separated and discharged. The temperature of the column is controlled under preset conditions, in which the mercury compounds are decomposed by heating, and mercury alone is concentrated in the mercury collector tube as gold amalgam. Then, the mercury collector tube is re-heated while the sample is exposed to argon gas flow, and vaporized mercury is measured by atomic fluorescence spectroscopy.


  • By using a closed-system, volatilization of mercury from the sample is minimized to prevent contamination in the ambient environment.
  • By adopting atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS), measurements have sensitivity and accuracy 30 times or higher compared with the previous model.
  • By the delicate temperature control in the combustion path, cross-contamination to next samples is reduced.
  • It is possible to measure mercury in compounds with a low boiling point without using reagents such as additives, although it is usually considered difficult.

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