Nippon MA-3000 Direct Thermal Decomposition Mercury Analyser


The Nippon MA-3000 is an instrument designed for simple and efficient mercury sample analysis. 


The MA-3000 is a global standard model of our thermal decomposition mercury measuring equipment that was developed in response to customer’s needs for equipment usable without “special knowledge” or “troublesome wet pre-treatment. Without wet pre-treatment using acids or alkalis, samples such as waste, soil, coal, and foods are directly, simply and quickly measured. Compared to the usual wet pre-treatment-mercury measurement, the analysis time is reduced by up to 86%.


  • Influences from interferences such as halogens are significantly reduced
  • By the delicate temperature control inside the combustion path, cross-contamination to next samples is reduced.
  • By using a new optical system, this model can measure from low to high concentrations (up to 70,000 ng)
  • Measurement is possible without using reagents such as additives
  • A100-sample automatic sample changer is equipped as standard

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