MiniVol Tactical Air Sampler (TAS)


PM2.5, PM10 or TSP


The MiniVol Tactical Air Sampler (TAS) is based on the original MiniVol air sampler, developed jointly by Airmetrics and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)in 1990. Implementing patented lowflow technology, the TAS delivers precise and accurate results in a lightweight compact device. 

The MiniVol TAS is a versatile and reliable sampling platform that is attractive to end-users worldwide. Although specifically designed for “saturation” sampling, the MiniVol® has been routinely used in a wide variety of applications including prescribed burns, fugitive dust studies, remote location sampling, indoor air studies, fence line monitoring and ambient air sampling at remediation sites. 

With a broad range of customers both domestic and international, the reliable and proven MiniVol sampling system has made a place for itself in the global air quality industry. Buyers include the EPA, The United States Army, the World Health Organization, US and international governments and consultants such as Secor, CH2M Hill, and Bechtel Parsons- Brinckerhoff. Improving upon the best in portable air samplers, the TAS leads the way for the next generation of innovative air sampling equipment.


  • Collects accurate particulate data at just a fraction of the cost of FRM Sampling
  • Durable case stands up to the elements and incidental abuse
  • The TAS can be configured for PM10, PM2.5 and TSP particulate sampling and accommodates a wide variety of air toxics sampling media
  • Transporting the TAS and all accessories is easy with the all-in-one transport case

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