LSA Flow-Set High Volume Sampler (HiVol)


PM2.5, PM10 or TSP


The LSA Flow-Set High Volume Sampler was designed out of necessity, it combines ease of use and accuracy of sampling to create an effective and efficient HiVol. Uniquely, the LSA Flow-Set HiVol is fitted with a variable speed pump controlled by true mass-flow sensing removing the need for temperature and and pressure corrections. 


  • Constant air flow - maintained well within 1% of the preset flow rate in normal operating conditions.
  • True mass-flow sensor - no need for temperature and pressure corrections.
  • Low energy consumption - because motor load is determined by the filter load and not by mechanical restrictions.
  • Low wear and long life because of low load - the vacuum pump has been proven in power stations at full load around the clock for many years. 
  • The absence of other mechanical or moving parts eliminates problems found in some products.
  • Low noise, quiet running - does not attract attention or annoy neighbours.
  • Soft start drives - ensuring the start current demand is kept at a very low level.
  • User-friendly filter collection and replacement.
  • Secure casing - preventing dust and rain ingress while permitting easy access for service.
  • The flow set incorporates well-proven PM10 and PM2.5 Heads allowing it to sample a variety of particle sizes. 

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