Environics 4040


Generate precise gas mixtures up to a dilution of 10 000:1.  


The 4040 can support up to 8 mass flow controllers, which allows the production of a wide range of precise gas standards, for single or  multi-point calibrations of analysers. 


  • Broad range of dilution ratios (up to 10,000:1) allows the user to significantly reduce the number of cylinders needed to perform compliance tests.
  • Allows multi-point calibration of analysers.
  • Automatic calculation of dilution and span gas flows.
  • Internally-stored Mass Flow Controller calibration tables.
  • Modular design allows for additional gas circuits to be added.
  • User definable cylinder library allows for easy selection of frequently used gas cylinders. Each cylinder may contain an unlimited number of component gases with automatic K-factor calculation.
  • Easy to operate software included. How-to videos available.

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