5028i Beta Continuous Particulate Monitor


Two  particulate matter parameters simultaneously: PM1, PM2.5, PM10 or  TSP


The Model 5028i Continuous Particulate Monitor combines dual channel sampling technology and beta attenuation analysis on the proven iSeries platform. The unit is capable of conducting real-time measurement of two particulate matter parameters simultaneously. The 5028i offers continuous, non-stepwise measurement of particulates and complies with U.S. EPA PM-10 (EQPM1102-150) and PM-2.5 (EQPM0609-183).


  • Continuous, non-stepwise measurement of PM-10 and PM-2.5 simultaneously
  • Internal backup power to shorten stabilization time after power off
  • Increased tape volume for longer unattended operation
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Filter tape-based monitor, with increased tape volume for longer unattended operation
  • New chassis design to make maintenance and service much easier

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