What we do?

Stack Emissions

Thermo Fisher Scientific provide quality products for your emission monitoring solutions to support industries and protect the environment.

Personal Monitoring

In many industries toxic gas is a hazard and some gases have either very little or no smell. We supply tailored instruments for detecting toxic gas and alerting the operator.

Data Acquisition

All of the data collected by an instrument is useless without a tool to store and analyze that data. Envitech provides a suite of tools such as EnviDAS that does just that.

Water Monitoring

Water monitoring is vital to determine water quality and quantity which is central to the integrity of the environment.

Process Monitoring

Apart from measuring the needs, inputs and outcomes of a program, evaluations also monitor the process of a program.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring is a Real Time System for Environmental Monitoring that has been developed in accordance with EEC directives relevant to emission monitoring and control of pollutants from large combustion plants.

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