Ambient Air Quality Monitoring – Integration, Installation & Commissioning

Lear Siegler Australasia offer complete solutions to establish ambient air quality monitoring (AAQM) networks.

Our engineers design, assemble and commission the monitoring stations according to customer requirements and Australian National Standards. The ambient air quality monitoring instruments supplied by Lear Siegler are recognised as industry leaders and regularly requested in tenders to meet regulations. 

Stations can be developed with full integration of data loggers and linked to networks, run with specialised data acquisition software to allow real time monitoring and analysis of data. Real time SMS and email alerts are available to notify representatives of exceedances to support early response and suppression.

Lear Siegler provide complete installation and commissioning of all stations we supply to our customer to ensure all is set up correctly to comply with Australian National Standards.

On completion of installation and commissioning we offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure equipment is maintained according to supplier requirements and complies with Australian Standards. Additionally, Lear Siegler can offer data validation and monitoring reports at any requested time interval. 

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