Model RA-4500 Mercury Analyzer

Key Features

  • Decomposition of substances that are difficult to decompose and determination of the end point
  • Adsorption and volatilization of mercury during wet pretreatment
  • Contamination from reagents and vessels
  • Handling of hazardous reagents and disposal of waste fluid
  • Health and safety management during long time work, experience, skills, safety education, etc.


The RA-4500 is the highest grade model of our reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer, which was developed to meet customer’s needs for “more efficient measuring methods in compliance with various testing methods without troublesome wet pretreatment.”For the first time ever, measuring steps from pretreatment through to measurement of liquid samples, such as tap water, industrial waste water and soil eluate, are fully automated. The required amount of sample is as small as 5 mL, and reagents as well as waste fluid can be significantly reduced. Thus, compared to previous methods, operation cost can be reduced by up to 50%.

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