Model EMP-2 Portable mercury survey meter

Key Features

  • Fluorescent lamps manufacturing, disposal and re-cycling
  • Emergency response to mercury spill & cleanup monitoring
  • Mercury contamination source surveying & investigation
  • Facility workplace monitoring
  • Hazardous waste inspection and screening
  • At-site stack, exhaust duct & etc flue gases screening and measurement
  • Mercury in natural gas screening and measurement
  • At-site mercury in water analysis


The EMP-2 is compact, lightweight and highly reliable portable continuous mercury analyzer.A portable atomic absorption spectrophotometer is installed in the equipment main body, so the equipment is easy to carry to any site, where you can ensure simple and quick measurement of elemental vapor phase mercury in the working environment.The EMP-2 provides a variety of applications that suggest new mercury measurement methods that can change conventional practice.

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