Model Gas Sample Probe Series SP Version SP2006-H

Key Features

  • Based on probe SP2000-H
  • Electrically heated up to 180 °C or 280 °C
  • NEMA 4, FRP housing
  • External heated critical orifice with additional safety filter
  • Including a dilution gas pre-heater
  • No dew point problems
  • Dilution ratios from 10:1 up to 500:1
  • With check gas connection
  • Independent of the process temperature
  • Changing of dilution and bypass block without any tools within a few minutes
  • No disconnection of any tubes or hoses for changing of dilution or bypass block
  • Easy operation and maintenance


The dilution unit including the critical orifice is mounted directly at the probe body and therefore heated up with the probe to a stable temperature. The incorporated pre-heater heats up the dilution gas to the probe temperature. Both steps avoid that sample gas decreases under the dewpoint. Calibration gas enters the probe via an integrated connection. The probe can be heated up to 180 °C or 280 °C. As an option a heated manual operated 2 way ball valve is available. It is integrated in the sample gas inlet and shuts off the probe head from the process, for example during the change of the filter element. Additional the option ‘blow back in front of ball valve’ via the probe flange is available.

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