Model Gas Sample Probe Series SP SP2000H

Key Features

  • Based on probe SP2000H
  • Electrically heated up to 180 °C or 320 °C
  • External critical orifice is heated
  • Including a dilution gas pre heater
  • No dew point problems
  • Dilution ratios from 10:1 up to 500:1
  • Independent of the process temperature
  • Easy operation and maintenance


The electrically heated M&C dilution probe is applicable for such processes, where the measuring procedure or the handling of the process gas require the dilution of the sample respectively the component to be measured. Typical applications are the use with toxic gases, the moisture measurement and the emission measurement in flue gases. The M&C dilution probe SP2000H/DIL... is based on the well tested M&C gas sample probe SP2000H. This enables the user to adapt the probe to nearly every application, using for example special filter techniques or special materials.

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