Model Gas Cooler Series EC

Key Features

  • Small dimension and light weight
  • Explosion proof version according to ATEX, CSA, FM and NEPSI for zone 2
  • Both versions with approval according to CSAUS
  • Gas flow 1x 250 or 2x 150 Nl/h
  • Jet Stream heat exchangers in 3 standard materials
  • Ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • Outlet dew point adjustable from +2 °C to +7 °C
  • Dew point stability ± 0,1 °C
  • Digital temperature indication
  • Configurable status alarm contact
  • Optional integrated spectrometer
  • Optimum reliability


The M&C gas cooler ECM is used in gas analysis to lower the dew point of humid gas to avoid condensation in the analyser(s). An extremely stable and low gas dew point avoids water vapour cross-sensitivity and volumetric errors.

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