Model MAC 155 Moisture Analyzer

Key Features

  • Measure % Moisture By Volume In Exhaust Gasses At Temperatures up to 1200°F/650°C
  • Nema 4X Waterproof Design
  • Contains Built In Equipment Allowing Daily 2 Point Calibration Check
  • Can Be Re-Calibrated In the Field Using Internal Calibrator
  • System Test
  • In Situ Measurement
  • Filter Blow Back Option
  • Case Heater Option
  • Case Cool Option


The MAC 155 In Situ Moisture Analyzer is designed to continuously monitor emission stack gases. It is designed to meet EPA and local regulatory requirements for stack gas moisture measurements.The patented solid state design has been proven in hundreds of industrial process control applications. The moisture sensor is extremely rugged and requires no chemicals, compressed air, optics or mirrors. The % moisture by volume is measured using a proprietary high temperature capacitive sensor that responds to water vapor pressure in the presence of other gasses. The probe is protected from particulates by a 10 micron stainless steel sintered filter element, that is cleanable and replaceable. The MAC 155 Moisture Analyzer is provided with automatic two point calibration check. The on board calibration system can challenge the sensor with a controlled water vapor sample. An internal tank holds enough water to generate vapor samples for one year of daily calibration checks. The MAC 155 Controller (see reverse side) automatically sequences

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