Key Features

  • Microsoft ASP.Net application for Windows Server 2003, 2003 WEB Edition, XP Pro and Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000/2003, Linux and Solaris database servers.
  • SQL Server 2005 or Oracle9i/10g DB.
  • Multithreaded communication with data loggers and instruments.
  • Off the shelf Internet/Intranet web site
  • Multi-document interface.
  • Completely menu-driven.
  • Designed for National/State AQM Network
  • Drill down to regional and site specific displays.
  • Dynamic Tabular displays
  • GIS Navigation map (SHP Format).


Envista WEB is designed to allow you to publish your environmental data which has been captured using Envista ARM environmental data management software onto the World Wide Web. Designed especially with the needs of public bodies and other agencies with a responsibility for environmental monitoring and reporting, Envista WEB provides a simple route to publication either to concerned citizens or within your organization through an Intranet. Visitors to the web site are presented with the welcome screen, tailored to your choice of language. The site employs frames to provide a consistent look and feel throughout the site, a top banner contains the site title. The menu frame on the left hand side plus The News and Links frames on the right hand side can be configured by the site administrator.

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