Model ENVISTA ARM Air Resources Manager

Key Features

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003.
  • Client-Server, 32 bit application.
  • Local and wide area networking support.
  • Temperature and pressure correction
  • Station Data Report –Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Periodic
  • Instantaneous Graph - Envidas for Windows sample values
  • Wind Polar – Joined wind direction with average or percent of wind speed or pollution per each direction.
  • Monthly Matrix - Monthly Summary by Hour and by Day


Envista ARM is a Windows Vista, client-server application for supervisory control, management and analysis of data from Environmental, Meteorological and Hydrological monitoring networks. Envista ARM allows users to view, analyze, report and distribute environmental quality data across the full range of media. Envista ARM client application runs under Windows Vista/XP Pro., either locally or remotely. It provides comprehensive access to information collected by the CommCENTER communication application and stored in a SQL or ORACLE Server database on an Windows 2003 or Linux Server. Database information is available via standard reports and displays, custom Envista AdHok reporter software and various third party applications.

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