Model AirSentry FTIR Open Path Multi-Gas Analyzer

Key Features

  • Integrated Computer with Windows
  • Integrated WiFi , LAN, USB
  • MOBUS TCP and Ethernet VNC Networking
  • Inherent calibration: No need for ongoing calibrations
  • Automated background acquisition
  • Automated synthetic background implementation
  • Cryocooled MCT detector eliminates need for Liquid Nitrogen
  • User configurable alarms and data acquisition rate
  • User configurable resolution
  • Simultaneous multi-gas detection capabilities
  • Part per billion minimum detection limits (gas specific)
  • Integrated instrument air conditioning


The Cerex AirSentry FTIR multi-gas analyzer is the recognized choice in open path FTIR and the most reliable for monitoring industrial facilities, accidental releases, and hazardous waste site emissions. The system monitors from 5 to 1,000 meters and eliminates the need for many single point gas specific sensors, lengthy calibration, and laboratory analysis.

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